[scribus] scribus as pasteup device

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Mar 5 17:19:46 CET 2009

John Beardmore wrote:
> John Beardmore wrote:
>> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>> Steven Dayton wrote:
>>>>>> But AFAIK text is scaled when you hold the Ctrl key while scaling 
>>>>>> the box.
>>>>>       nope
>>>>  It is the alt key that lets you scale text. And Ctrl-Alt does the 
>>>> same
>>>> thing and keep the aspec ration.
>>> Not quite.
>>> Ctrl + Alt as you say.
>>> Shift + Alt for non-proportional
>>> The Alt key alone will have you moving the entire Scribus window.
>> Really ??
>> For me in
>>     Selecting the text box and dragging it with the mouse moves
>>     the text box, (plus sign with arrowheads / NSEW cursor),
>>     Alt scales with mouse driven aspect ratio,
>>     (diagonal arrow cursor),
>>     Ctrl+Alt scales with fixed aspect ratio,
>>     (diagonal arrow cursor),
>> and
>>     Shift+alt constrains the text box to be square,
>>     (diagonal arrow cursor).
> I suppose I should add that this is under win XP.  I don't suppose 
> that would account for any difference ?
Dunno. I'll check when I get to the office or at home. I'm using on Linux, and it's possible that this might have changed for 
all OSes in svn.


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