[scribus] Ghost Script?

Phil Ward skeggy78 at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 5 13:11:30 CET 2009

Hi Andrew

i have just checked my folders, i tend to keep some of the revisions  
of open source software, just incase something goes a little funny  
when upgrading etc?

i have GPL-GHOSTSCRIPT-857B, which is the one that i installed either  
last may or feb (i think i downloaded it again when came out?)

all i did, from trying to remember, was to uncompress the file as  
normal, and then place the 'Ghostscript.framework' into the 'hdd 
\library\framworks' folder (where hdd is the name of your computers  
main os harddrive.

then all i did was to link in the file via the preferences menu, in  
external tools, and link the GS by usinging this directory

i have not had much success with playing with fink or ports, but then  
ive not really looked at it much, as i wanted to try Krita, but again  
it needs X11. I just wanted something a bit smaller than gimp to load  
in with x11 etc, so find seashore is adiquate for simple cropping and  
small editing.
But after re-installing OSX, soon when i can go with out my lappy for  
a week while install and upgrade every, and  re-set up passwords etc,  
i will try fink again i think?

im not sure if you can find a copy of that particular file, but im  
going to pop over to ghoscripts site, to see if the setup is the  
same, and have a play etc, with different versions of ghost script.  
As when i exported various files from Coreldraw 11 on the Mac, i  
found scribus didnt like to open them, ie PDF (X-3), EPS (default  
settings i believe), Adobe Ill 7 (text export, and last version to be  
nativitly supported with corel 11)

If you want a copy of the ghostscript file, let me know, its 13.1mb  
tar.bz2 file

cheers Phil
On 5 Mar 2009, at 11:37, Andrew wrote:

> Phil,
> I don't consider myself a novice, but I have had NO END of trouble  
> trying to install Ghostscript. So much so, that I've given up  
> asking questions, and I've given up trying to install it. I keep  
> reading this list in the hope that someone asks the question and  
> then it gets answered in a way that I can understand.
> If you can do that, I'd be most appreciative.
> Cheers,
> Andrew
> On 05/03/2009, at 9:24 PM, Phil Ward wrote:
>> On 5 Mar 2009, at 00:32, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>> Phil Ward wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> currently running OSX tiger 10.4.11 PPC, 1.2ghz 1.25gig
>>>> i was using i think (i deleted and emptied bin), and  
>>>> downloaded 1.3.5svn from site, and installed etc..
>>>> started up, and said Ghostscript was not found, did a quick  
>>>> check, and set it up by linking the right folder etc, not sure  
>>>> why it didnt find it, but its in library\framworks\ghostscript  
>>>> as it should be, and im running 8.57 (according to the folder) &  
>>>> about in scribus itself
>>>> firstly, is this uptodate enough to be running current SVN? 18th  
>>>> feb on about info..
>>>> secondly, im sure i got the last copy of ghostscript from the  
>>>> scribus site (or a link), but cant find reference to it now for  
>>>> the mac for downloading? or do you now have to install via Fink?  
>>>> or ports? etc?
>>>> i believe the current version to be 8.63? and can be installed  
>>>> via fink, found from another website.
>>>> just wondering why this information to be possibly ommitted from  
>>>> the site? as any new user would be given this error/warning when  
>>>> starting up? well for OSX in particular, as in the installation  
>>>> documentation there is no reference to GS, im not sure who is  
>>>> the ultimate maintainer of the site, just trying to help :)
>>> Sounds to me like you're volunteering to update the info on the  
>>> wiki:
>>> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/MacOSX_version_of_Scribus
>>> Greg
>>> "Answer a man's questions and he comes back with more. Teach him  
>>> to edit the wiki and he answers his own questions."
>> Hi Greg
>> i dont mind having a go at updating with my little bit of  
>> knowledge, but so long as someone else checks it, which im sure   
>> would happen :)
>> but before i do that, i need to flatten my little ibook, i think  
>> its become a little bit clogged over the past 18 months with  
>> updates, this way i can be sure that the install is clean etc...
>> it would be nice if you were legally allowed to install OSX on a  
>> virtual PC, making life a little easier lol
>> My main concern was someone who was a novice on computers, with no  
>> real knowledge of either open source, wiki or just gone and bought  
>> a £2000 imac, to go with their £100 ipod etc, to goto the scribus  
>> website, download via the links, and then be met with a message  
>> saying "Ghost script not installed etc". I know that the Gimp &  
>> Inkscape obviously have X11 to contend with on OSX, but they do  
>> have documentation on their site with regards installing it. I  
>> just thought it would be nice for people to see the whole program,  
>> and try to use it, with out being met by a message saying error,  
>> of which lots of people in my experience have either clicked ok,  
>> and close the program, or just turned the computer off completly :(
>> i hope you understand what i mean?
>> Phil
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