[scribus] Offset printing

Cédric Gémy radar.map35 at free.fr
Sun Mar 1 21:45:29 CET 2009

> It seems that Scribus does not convert the images.  The printer had to 
> convert the images to CMYK separately.  I subsequently found a free utility 
> "RGB2CMYK" that does this.  It creates CMYK images that seem much lighter 
> and less saturated than the originals.   Printing seems to correct this to a 
> degree.   Should CMYK images be darkened and re-saturated before using in 
> Scribus ?

Strange. If i open scribus PDf in acrobat and make some preflight checks
on non CMYK colors, mine are OK. Did you choose the printer option of
the PD fexport dialog ?

> Is there a way to preview roughly what the offset printed images are going 
> to look like ?
> How do I simulate the outcome on screen ?

It always an average. But the most accurate is to use monitor
calibration and color management. Trouble is that you'll need some
special device to do it (with argyll for ex) and that you need to have
the profile of the printer.

> >> 2. Do I give the PDF generated with the "screen / web" setting to the
> >> printer, (rather than the "printer" setting) ?
> >>
> >> 3. For "solid colors" and "images" should I select the check box and
> >> select my monitor profile when creating the PDF, or should I leave these
> >> check boxes unchecked ?
> >>
> >
> > If you check those, Scribus will include color profiles in the PDF and the
> > printer must be able to understand those. If they are not checked, Scribus
> > will convert the colors to the printing profile.
> My printer peferred the "printer" output with these unchecked.

:) So that's the hard part; If the dont accept profiling, no way to see
on screen what you'll get.

Just experiment, or chosse another printshop :)

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