[scribus] Mailing List & Importing Styles

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jun 22 13:57:59 CEST 2009

hi chris,

there are several topics in your mail...
> I found this via the Contact Scribus User Support Mailing List [ 
> http://www.scribus.net/?q=help ] page and I logged my details in.
> However it did not seem to work, and after clicking the 'Send Email' 
> button I ended up on a blank screen and my message did not find its 
> way to the list. I'm guessing this is a cookies issue as I have them 
> disabled but this is not the problem.

well, requiring cookies when you submit a form is imho acceptable 

> The problem is that my name and details are now public [ 
> http://www.scribus.net/?q=node/158/submission/162 ], as are everyone 
> else who has used that form.
well, to anybody who knows this exact url only...

> Publishing someone's name and email address on an open web page is not 
> good practice. There are obvious privacy and spam issues here.
> Is it really the intention of list moderators to publish this 
> information and would they be kind enough to delete my info please?
a/ it's probably not wanted... but i'm not sure that i can be avoided.

b/ since the submission would have gone to the mailing list with your 
email address and name i don't think there is an issue there.

c/ since you are now posting to the mailing list with exact the same 
address and name i don't see why you expect a different privacy level 
from a web form (which is going to post your request to a mailing list) 
than when you post to a ML directly.

d/ this mailing list is archived by our own server and the archive is 
available for public view. the list is also grabbed by several online 
service and offered for browsing online

so, where exactly is the privacy breach?

when you post to a mailing list you are asked to disclose your name and 
email address. the scribus list won't enforce them, but it's kind to say 
who you are.
and well, i guess your name and phone number are in the phone book: you 
can expect the same level of privacy for the mailing lists :-)

have fun

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