[scribus] Building booklets

Nick Hasser nick.hasser at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 20:29:45 CEST 2009

Ole Madsen wrote:
> Here is the problem, I have:  I produce a small newsletter, 12 pages.  I need the final product in two formats:  A pdf file where all 12 pages appear in sequence.  This is for e-mailing to some of our members.
> Other members want a paper copy, and for this I prepare a file for the commercial printer.  Pages 12 and 1 one sheet, pages 2 and 11 on another sheet and so forth.
> With Scribus I could do this by some cutting and pasting, but with 1.3.5svn the cutting and pasting process is not working properly.  (The style selctions are left behind). 
> Is there an easier way of doing this?  Help and suggestions much appreciated, I am quite new at desktop publishing.

I do this every month for a newsletter I publish. After preparing the
document in Scribus, I export to PDF for those that wish to have a
digital copy. Then I use Multivalent [1] to do the imposition. Here is
an example of my one-line imposition command for my 8 page newsletter:

java -cp ../Multivalent20060102.jar tool.pdf.Impose -verbose -dim 2x1
-page 8,1,2,7,6,3,4,5 -paper 17x11in Newsletter.pdf

I'm working with US paper sizes...change as appropriate.


[1]: http://multivalent.sourceforge.net/

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