[scribus] Glyphs in a font not appearing

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Mon Jun 15 20:34:15 CEST 2009

avox wrote:
> John Jason Jordan-2 wrote:
>> ...
>> I do almost all the writing in OOo Writer. The only things I write in
>> Scribus are those few little additions that are needed during the
>> layout process. OOo lies about characters in a font similarly to Story
>> Editor. And when I do add something in Story Editor I use the Unicode
>> numbers, because I have memorized most of the 100+ ones that I use all
>> the time.
> Gosh!
>> This is a good discussion. In my case I now know to do my proofreading
>> from the text frame. I'm just worried about other users thinking they
>> have a glyph because it appeared in their word processor, and in Story
>> Editor, and when they get the expensive print job off the press there
>> are missing glyphs.
>> Maybe I'm worrying overly much.

I think you should just use a font that covers the glyphs you need, or
add the ones you want to the font.


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