[scribus] Colors of Scribus documents on a ColorLaserjet

Frank Pieczynski pieczy at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 12 11:32:08 CEST 2009

Hi *,
I need some help with printing.
Im using Scribus on Linux, printing system is cups. The
printer is a HP ColorLaserJet with Postscript.

If I print photo jpegs with scribus, the colors are looking very bad -
very pale. I tried with color management 'on' and 'off' (Document
settings). The ICC profile of the printer is the official one provided
by HP. For the jepgs taken by a Panasonic Lumix I don't have one, so I
let the default.

Now the interesting part of the story:
If I print the same picture included in a kword document (office part
of KDE) on the same printer with the same printing system it is
looking MUCH better! So the printer is able to print better.

But I like to use scribus, because kword gives less control over the
document. The postscripts code is much more bigger, so the printer
needs much longer to process such kword PS than a scribus PS.

I guess kword is not supporting lcms, but shouldn't the result be the
same with color management 'off' in scribus?
What can I do to improve the output?

May be this is related to the cups options (visible in printing
dialog, 'Options' button after the printer selection box). I let the
default there, but the same is valid for kword.

Thanks for help and suggestions!


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