[scribus] Soft shadows in Scribus

Benjamin Dumke scribus at benjamin-dumke.de
Mon Jun 1 20:36:01 CEST 2009

Pierre Marchand schrieb:

> As I understand it, this code is rather offered to join the core Scribus 
> codebase than to be maintained separately. 

Well, sort of. I wrote the code to actually use it. I know I can achieve
the same effect using the GIMP, and I have done so; but this way it's
just a whole lot easier, e.g. if you just change one letter in a
headline, you don't have to go through the "export as bitmap -> edit in
GIMP -> reimport" cycle again. Of course I'd like to see this kind of
functionality in the core codebase, whether based on my work or not;
however if this is decided against, I will still maintain my changes;
not for academical purposes, but simply because I use them quite
frequently. My main reason for publishing the (sub-optimal) code is
this: I have already written it -- so if there's anyone who can and
wants to use it as well (or even improve it), there you go.

> Even if I’m not exactly 
> fond of these overseen effects (today its reflection, who knows what it will 
> be tomorrow) I do agree that we can do the effort to line up with other DTP 
> packages if it gives our users more chances to use and promote use of Scribus.

I'm totally with you on the overuse issue. The soft shadow effect, when
used properly, is something that can very subtly achieve a lot (and
unlike the Web 2.0-style reflections has been in professional use for a
long time) -- but when used too much or in the wrong way can kill a good
design as well. That's true with anything, though, be it rainbow
gradients, text-along-path, or even just background images.

> That said, I think we must provide on-canvas visualisation of the effect, it’s 
> all what Scribus is about.

Very true. It's easy for me to trust that my exported PDF will have the
soft shadow when I click that checkbox, but in the current
implementation it shouldn't be given to a regular user who has every
right to expect WYSIWYG.

Thanks for your thoughts,



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