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GianLuca Sarto glsarto at tiscali.it
Wed Jul 29 16:58:15 CEST 2009


I love Linux - on my laptop, XP runs inside Virtualbox on Ubuntu...

In this case I can't switch to Linux, not yet, I mean.

One of my tests was renaming the faulty user folder so when she logged 
in, her "Document and settings" folder was created from scratch, but 
this did not help...

I had browsed the registry looking for "scribus", but no key was 
associated to the user.

Now, I tried to login as "faulty" user on another pc, and I could not 
start Scribus even on that!
So I guess something went wrong with Samba...


Patrick Ernst wrote:
> GianLuca Sarto wrote:
>> John,
>> I appreciate your comment.
>> Usually, a forum is my resort when I already spent hours
>> troubleshooting myself.
>> Even if Scribus is free, nontheless there is a hidden cost of wasted
>> hours just trying to start the program, while the project is sitting
>> there, waiting to go on.
>> Although I hate the commercial attitude of Adobe, I never recall not
>> being able to launch an executable.
>> Ciao,
>> -Gian
> The user probably has a profile problem, possibly with registry settings
> in his/her ntuser.dat file. Standard helpdesk (helldesk) procedure is to
> log on to the PC remotely as an admin user and delete the profile
> (hopefully after saving any useful data such as emails!). The user logs
> back in and recreates the profile from the default. It can be a pain,
> especially if the user has customised a lot, has settings for lots of
> software or likes to store data in the profile. Browser bookmarks are
> stored here etc as well. Reboot the PC and as an admin user try renaming
> "Documents and Settings"\username\ntuser.dat to something else then get
> the user to log in.
> Alternatively, with the user logged in run "regedit" from the Start
> ->run option. Goto hkey_current_user\Software and delete any Scribus
> stuff. If the PC is locked down, try renaming regedit.exe to word.exe or
> something, then run it. (May need to copy to a writeable location). It
> may be useful to delete "Documents and Settings"\username\Local
> Settings\Application Data\Scribus or "Documents and
> Settings"\username\Application Data\Scribus. I'm assuming things like
> templates or scrapbook data would be here.
> Okay, that's the normal stuff to resolve this kind of problem.
> Occasionally apps do screw up registry and fail to initiate properly or
> you can see a runtime in Task Manager but no screen. If all else fails -
> install Linux :)

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