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Patrick Ernst patrick at aroaustralia.com
Wed Jul 29 16:08:24 CEST 2009

GianLuca Sarto wrote:
> John,
> I appreciate your comment.
> Usually, a forum is my resort when I already spent hours
> troubleshooting myself.
> Even if Scribus is free, nontheless there is a hidden cost of wasted
> hours just trying to start the program, while the project is sitting
> there, waiting to go on.
> Although I hate the commercial attitude of Adobe, I never recall not
> being able to launch an executable.
> Ciao,
> -Gian
The user probably has a profile problem, possibly with registry settings
in his/her ntuser.dat file. Standard helpdesk (helldesk) procedure is to
log on to the PC remotely as an admin user and delete the profile
(hopefully after saving any useful data such as emails!). The user logs
back in and recreates the profile from the default. It can be a pain,
especially if the user has customised a lot, has settings for lots of
software or likes to store data in the profile. Browser bookmarks are
stored here etc as well. Reboot the PC and as an admin user try renaming
"Documents and Settings"\username\ntuser.dat to something else then get
the user to log in.

Alternatively, with the user logged in run "regedit" from the Start
->run option. Goto hkey_current_user\Software and delete any Scribus
stuff. If the PC is locked down, try renaming regedit.exe to word.exe or
something, then run it. (May need to copy to a writeable location). It
may be useful to delete "Documents and Settings"\username\Local
Settings\Application Data\Scribus or "Documents and
Settings"\username\Application Data\Scribus. I'm assuming things like
templates or scrapbook data would be here.

Okay, that's the normal stuff to resolve this kind of problem.
Occasionally apps do screw up registry and fail to initiate properly or
you can see a runtime in Task Manager but no screen. If all else fails -
install Linux :)

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