[scribus] Page construction - Part deux

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Wed Jul 29 05:12:54 CEST 2009

Jean B. wrote:
> Thank you for your answers on the first thread. And Greg, although
> you already know that - you are right. I thought some more about the
> Gutenberg's initial design and the space is excessive. Not because
> today's standards or economic constraints, but because that book was
> intended to receive annotations. So for the time being I have chosen
> 2:3:4:6cm space on a two-fold on A4 paper.
> The next question is if it is ok a two column design on a A4 page.
> From what I gather is quite seldom used. But it's that unusual look
> which I find rather interesting. It does fit about 48 characters per
> column line (not counting the space - is this how it's supposed to
> be counted?) and justified text leads to some rivers in texts.

The character count per line does include spaces. Let your eye be
the judge.
--Judy M.

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