[scribus] Text overflow in Text Frames

Lars Behrens lars.behrens at pi.uka.de
Wed Jul 15 10:56:50 CEST 2009

Am Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009  schrieb Marco Boeringa:

> Believe me, I have worked in IT for almost 10 years as a programmer, and
> in that time period have reported probably a few dozen bugs and
> usuability issues to the developer of the software package I needed to
> do my own development in, sometimes needing to go through quite a battle
> to get my bug reports recognized (which in the end they almost always
> did). However, I must admit I am getting slightly tired of having to
> report the "all-to-obvious"...

IMO it's part of the game: I use free (in both meanings) software, so I 
consider bugreporting or feature requesting as my contribution as I'm no 

And in all the times I have been filing reports to all the various open source 
products that I am using, I almost never had to wait long to get my request 
done, in most cases the bug was fixed in the next release (much different in 
the closed software world, where usually I never even did get a reply at 

> If I were a developer of Scirubus, these two issues would be on my
> top-priority list of things "to-do", as they significantly impair the
> usuability of textframes in Scribus, and for a DTP that IS a major issue...

Maybe, but for some reason up to now it hasn't been on their top-priority 
list, so it's up to you to get the stone rolling :-)

> Before you are suggesting I join the club and do it myself, I bailed out
> of IT because it was driving me slowly crazy sitting behind a computer
> all day (I am originally a biologist, now trying to make some kind of
> living in art)...

I'm no coder myself, not everybody can be.

> Of course, there is still the possibility, like Michael suggested, that
> there is a deeper issue with the rendering engine of Scribus having a
> limitation on the way it handles text. E.g. it might be that there is no
> programmatical request that allows the Scribus developers to accurately
> determine the MBB of rendered text. That would make the Scribus
> developers depended on others to fix it.

You know how to find out ;-)


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