[scribus] Text overflow in Text Frames

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Jul 15 10:31:18 CEST 2009

Bugs are quite easy to list on http://bugs.scribus.net

Most of 'mine' have been on the to-be-fixed waiting list
for one year or little more,
so this is part of the thing with Scribus.

I consider this of part of the process to remind programmers
of us (basic users) basic priorities...


Marco Boeringa a écrit :
> Hi Lars and JLuc,
> Believe me, I have worked in IT for almost 10 years as a programmer, and 
> in that time period have reported probably a few dozen bugs and 
> usuability issues to the developer of the software package I needed to 
> do my own development in, sometimes needing to go through quite a battle 
> to get my bug reports recognized (which in the end they almost always 
> did). However, I must admit I am getting slightly tired of having to 
> report the "all-to-obvious"...
> If I were a developer of Scirubus, these two issues would be on my 
> top-priority list of things "to-do", as they significantly impair the 
> usuability of textframes in Scribus, and for a DTP that IS a major issue...
> Before you are suggesting I join the club and do it myself, I bailed out 
> of IT because it was driving me slowly crazy sitting behind a computer 
> all day (I am originally a biologist, now trying to make some kind of 
> living in art)...
> Anyway, if I find some time, I will probably have it listed...
> Of course, there is still the possibility, like Michael suggested, that 
> there is a deeper issue with the rendering engine of Scribus having a 
> limitation on the way it handles text. E.g. it might be that there is no 
> programmatical request that allows the Scribus developers to accurately 
> determine the MBB of rendered text. That would make the Scribus 
> developers depended on others to fix it.
> Marco
> Lars Behrens wrote:
>> Am Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009  schrieb Marco Boeringa:
>>> It does seem Scribus could use some serious improvement in this area.
>>> Having a text frame respecting the Minimum Bounding Box around a text
>>> would be really helpful, especially for large typefaces. The current
>>> implementation makes using the Align and Distribute tools in some cases
>>> virtually impossible. A real loss, as these tools are a vital ingredient
>>> of DTP or any layouting work in any program for that matter.
>> Please write a bug report /feature request.
>> Cheerz,
>> Lars
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> Response to my "Distance of Text" post here:
> Marco Boeringa a écrit :
>> I am surprised it is not implemented... 
> Programmers have not had the time to implement it,
> or have forgotten to do it.
> It would be very wise to use the bug repository
> to notify them of this usability problem :
>    http://bugs.scribus.net
> Sincerly,
> JLuc

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