[scribus] Text overflow in Text Frames

Marco Boeringa marco at boeringa.demon.nl
Wed Jul 15 10:04:58 CEST 2009

Hi Lars and JLuc,

Believe me, I have worked in IT for almost 10 years as a programmer, and 
in that time period have reported probably a few dozen bugs and 
usuability issues to the developer of the software package I needed to 
do my own development in, sometimes needing to go through quite a battle 
to get my bug reports recognized (which in the end they almost always 
did). However, I must admit I am getting slightly tired of having to 
report the "all-to-obvious"...

If I were a developer of Scirubus, these two issues would be on my 
top-priority list of things "to-do", as they significantly impair the 
usuability of textframes in Scribus, and for a DTP that IS a major issue...

Before you are suggesting I join the club and do it myself, I bailed out 
of IT because it was driving me slowly crazy sitting behind a computer 
all day (I am originally a biologist, now trying to make some kind of 
living in art)...

Anyway, if I find some time, I will probably have it listed...

Of course, there is still the possibility, like Michael suggested, that 
there is a deeper issue with the rendering engine of Scribus having a 
limitation on the way it handles text. E.g. it might be that there is no 
programmatical request that allows the Scribus developers to accurately 
determine the MBB of rendered text. That would make the Scribus 
developers depended on others to fix it.


Lars Behrens wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009  schrieb Marco Boeringa:
>> It does seem Scribus could use some serious improvement in this area.
>> Having a text frame respecting the Minimum Bounding Box around a text
>> would be really helpful, especially for large typefaces. The current
>> implementation makes using the Align and Distribute tools in some cases
>> virtually impossible. A real loss, as these tools are a vital ingredient
>> of DTP or any layouting work in any program for that matter.
> Please write a bug report /feature request.
> Cheerz,
> Lars
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Response to my "Distance of Text" post here:

Marco Boeringa a écrit :
> I am surprised it is not implemented... 

Programmers have not had the time to implement it,
or have forgotten to do it.

It would be very wise to use the bug repository
to notify them of this usability problem :



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