[scribus] Anyone know if this is already fixed? Apply From To changing the To affects the From...

Benjamin Dumke scribus at benjamin-dumke.de
Sat Jul 11 11:21:49 CEST 2009

There's actually a logic to it (that doesn't mean this is a good
behaviour; just to explain): If you enter 32, you first enter a "3", and
for obvious reasons Scribus prevents the "From" page number to be larger
than the "To" page number, so when the "To" page is a "3" (even just for
a brief moment), the "From" page is set to 3 (the largest legal value
when "To" is 3) as well.

Greets, Ben

Calum Polwart schrieb:
> Whn I do things that affect a series of pages:
> e.g. Delete Page 28 to 32, or 
> Apply Master Page to all odd pages from 15 to 19
> I usually go to the first page - say page 28, right click it and select the action - say delete.  Then I pick the 'pages in range' type of option.  Then it will but in a default of say 28 to 38 if 38 is the last page in the document.  If I click on the 38 and replace it with 32 it automatically changes the 28 to 3.  If you don't spot it you end up deleting a load of extra work!
> So... I was going to check if it was already fixed in RC3 but my distro doesn't yet have a build for it and it seems a bit hastly to compile it just to check for one thing...
> If not then I can report it on bugs...
> Calum
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