[scribus] Some features or bugs in 1.3.5 (up to RC2)

Henk van Andel Henk at van-Andel.eu
Mon Jul 6 13:10:46 CEST 2009

The following pecularities were experienced:

   1. When Storyboard is active (window open or minimized) and closing
      Scribus (red cross right upper corner), Scribus closes with an
      error without saving the work.
   2. Hyphanation not working (menu option greyed out) until active text
      frame has been left and is re-entered again)

Any similar experiences or solutions?

Furthermore, it seems that under Vista it is almost impossible to use 
Scribus; verrrrrrrry slow! Scribus is much faster on my XP netbook than 
on my dual core 4 gig laptop under Vista Home Premium.
Any suggestions or solutions (apart from telling me to use Linux, since 
there are no drivers for my super Nvidia hardware).

Grz Henk van Andel
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