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>From what I remember back in the dark ages of 1.3.x development was that 1.3.4 was going to be the catapult of all new design and programming.  I am guessing that 1.3.5 has now taken that crown, but once 1.3.5 is out, 1.3.6 should follow shortly, as now all the APIs and programming is in place.


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Leander Sukov wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a schedule, when 1.3.5 will reach "stable"?
yes, when it's ready :-)

well, if you mean in month and so... i'm not aware of any date...

still, craig has noticed yesterday that the scribus roadmap for 1.3.5 is completed at 96%!

and the plans are to go faster once 1.3.5 is out... and a stable release could then become again reality!


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