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Vanessa Callebaut vcallebaut at skynet.be
Wed Jan 21 11:35:18 CET 2009

I am having the same problem: when I create a certain Style and apply this
in a text on my pc at home, there is no problem, but when my students do the
same thing on their computers in my classroom, some of them are having
problems, not all, only some pc's. I even exported these files and rechecked
them at home and again here I don't have any problems with the Styles.  So I
am thinking there is something wrong with the font itself on those computers
(I did not install the software myself, this is done by our IT department).
Where can I check this out? Can you "reinstal" a certain font in order to
"repair" it? (Scribus, Windows XP and Vista) For me this is a big
problem, as my students need to execute certain excersises in order to learn
the program but me I am never certain that the things that I design will
"work" at school.

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Michael Harvey wrote:

> I create a text box. I input text via Import or the Edit Text Story 
> Editor. If I use No Style, the text displays in the text box. If I add 
> a Style (font and character size), sometimes it displays properly, but 
> often it does not and shows the small xbox text overflow sign. When I 
> remove the Style, it displays properly again in the box. The text 
> might only be one small word in a large text box.

Is the text too bi to display in a box of that size when the style is
applied ?

What happens when you enlarge the box ?

Cheers, J/.
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