[scribus] Get Text... and text filters

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Jan 14 12:20:35 CET 2009

Joe Yeti a écrit :
> Text filters [] allow[] to format whole Paragraphs of imported text, not
> parts of them.

> Is it somehow possible to define opening and closing tags in the source text
> document (for instance <bold></bold>), which would then be recognizable by
> Scribus and the text inbetween then would be turned to a bold text? Or any
> other similar formatting smaller than a whole paragraph?

I have not found how. Has anybody ?

> Does perhaps 1.3.4 have such a feature as there are not only Paragraph
> Styles defined, but also smaller chunks of formatting?

That would be absolutely great for improving fine home-made files import.

I think I could soon use Scribus for at least one third of the pages I edit.


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