[scribus] Help with "placed pdf"

AnnaMaria Hedin amth at comhem.se
Mon Jan 12 12:02:34 CET 2009

Ciao, thanks for the information!

>  if you're using (as you should...) 
I use that version, yes
> the yellow buttons come from the fact that the pdf will included as a 
> bitmap and you should be aware that:
> - you will lose some quality when magnifying the resulting pdf file,
> - the finaly pdf will be bigger.
Aha. But when will it happen that I magnify the resulting pdf?
Can it be corrupt (the bitmapped pdf; it is a part of a text page) in 
the printing house???????
> if you're "just" printing the resulting pdf you should only take care 
> that the single pdf are embedded with enough dpi and you shouldn't 
> notice any difference on paper.
how much is "enough dpi"??

The print for the music book is on paper, yes.

Can you foresee any more problems with that?

Best wishes,


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