[scribus] Help with "placed pdf"

AnnaMaria Hedin amth at comhem.se
Mon Jan 12 11:30:41 CET 2009

hi a.l.e.

thanks for a helpful answer.......

but yesterday when I tried to make the document to a pdf "by the button" 
in the program it worked!
I got my file just as I wanted it - surprise, surprise!

The problem I had was as far as I understand that I made it first to a 
pdf by command to print the document
and by the options for printing I chose "pdf for printing" (sorry for my 
poor terminology, hope I can be understood)

The yellow warning I just ignored - and this time - no problem

the Adobe version I have is 1.4 both for the imported files and as the 
pdf option in scribus.

Yes, I moved the pdf files within the frames... so you think that is why 
the yellow buttons appeared?

But as a novice to Scribus, I am quite content!

Best wishes,
> the warning (yellow) you get is probably about the pdf being 
> rasterized (what version are you using?).
> they shouldn't be related to the red ones. for that one, without 
> further details, i have to guess that you moved or renamed the pdf 
> files you are including: you may try to "get" them again.
> hope that helps
> a.l.e
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