[scribus] Help with "placed pdf"

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jan 12 11:17:46 CET 2009

hi annamaria

> Some of the pdf files disappear - I get a prewiew report that reports 
> "problem":
> it is alert with yellow buttons (red buttons if a picture is missing) 
> and say
> the "picture is a placed pdf"
> but I get no explanation
> WHY that is a problem
> or
> WHAT I can do to fix it.
> Suggestions for a solution, PLEASE!

the warning (yellow) you get is probably about the pdf being rasterized 
(what version are you using?).

they shouldn't be related to the red ones. for that one, without further 
details, i have to guess that you moved or renamed the pdf files you are 
including: you may try to "get" them again.

hope that helps

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