[scribus] Success-Story

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Jan 10 16:43:41 CET 2009

hjh at mail.fsub.de wrote:
> Problems:
> ---------
> 2. Anoying: Changing from surface mode to edit mode and back, the marker
> went- nearly always - to the top of the file in edit mode. You had to
> scroll up to the line under construction again and again. A nuisance.
If you use the mouse to double-click to go to edit mode, the cursor will 
be placed where you click. Click outside the frame, then back again to 
go to Select Item mode.
> 3. The biggest problem was to find information to a certain question.
> Scribus knowledge is scattered over many different media. This causes a
> waste of time, much time. For those, who work with scribus day by day,
> this is probably no problem. But for us, who only use it as a novice
> and/or from time to time, we have start from scratch. I already
> reported, but this doesn't seem to be a problem for those, who could
> change it. I pointed out, that there are so many different media,
> reporting to the same topic. Of course, there is a very good handbook and
> I got a copy before it was published, which was really helpfull. But while
> reading it - and other sources - I would like to be able to
> contribute exactly to the text in question. And I would appreciate all
> information to a certain topic to be transfered to one and only one place.
> Which means, that the official server and the wiki server and ... are to
> be merged.
Your prayers are answered! We now have an *Official* Scribus manual 
available for purchase which is exactly what you're looking for, and 
contains information you won't find anywhere else about Scribus. 
Official release should be any day now.


Perhaps you'd consider contributing to the second edition...


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