[scribus] indented text and image-frames

vwf vwf at vulkor.net
Sat Jan 10 13:28:55 CET 2009

Benjamin Dumke wrote:
>Hi Frits,
>to me, your screenshot looks just like I would expect. I have to agree
>with Greg, I'm still not quite sure what your expected result was.

Hello Ben,
I expected this (all text in 1 frame with 3 styles):

Sorry for the style inconsistency in the example, but I think you will
get the idea.

(You are all right that the design of this example is very bad; I only
want to show the issue.)

>> this intended or a bug? I would prefer a system where I can set a
>> margin around an image-frame.

>If you mean that you want the text to flow around the image boundaries
>/and then some/, take a look at


This is a nice tutorial. There is only a (small) link problem.
(the link is http://www.tsoots.fi/uploads/media/contour_line.ogg)

Thank you,

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