[scribus] Why does hyphenation work in one file - but not in the next? Hilfe für Silbentrennung?

get_it_faster30 get_it_faster300 at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 9 13:51:21 CET 2009

hi there,

i need help with hyphenation. i work with scribus with windows xp.

i have begun to make myself familiar with scribus in the last couple of days because i want to use it to layout a small book. so far, using a testfile, i worked out everything i need successfully - including hyphenation.

i used
- file / document setup / hypenator

there i selected the first two options (in german: trennvorschläge und text automatisch trennen) and chose for "shortest wordlength" (or however it translates) 5.

i pressed "okay" and i had a perfect hyphenation in my document.

now i'm working on my first real book chapter. i think i used exactly the same procedure - but i just won't get any single hyphen! 

has anybody any idea why this might be?

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