[scribus] indented text and image-frames

vwf vwf at vulkor.net
Fri Jan 9 12:48:02 CET 2009

Gregory Pittman wrote:
>vwf wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I found an unexpected problem. My text is set in two levels by setting
>> the left margin of many paragraphs. If I add an image-frame, something
>> unexpected happens: the left margin is continued around the image. Is
>> this intended or a bug? I would prefer a system where I can set a
>> margin
>> around an image-frame.
>you may need to show us somewhere what it is you're referring to. I
>don't quite understand.

OK. I made a small screendump showing the problem:

The normal text is the leftmost at the bottom. The other text has two
parts, with two levels of indentation. When an image is inserted, the
result is rather perculiar. It should flow around the image.


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