[scribus] CMYK output, want only magenta and black colors

Benedykt 'Silmethule' Jaworski b.jaworski at kofeina.net
Sun Jan 4 20:24:20 CET 2009

Hello folks,
I don't know very well how to use/set/etc. colors. But, of course, I do
know what does RGB or CMYK mean ;). I want to create document (output
file could be pdf or postscript, but having different pages in another
eps files isn't what I want to achieve) with CMYK color profile and
using only 2 "main" colors - magenta and black, not even 1% of cyan and
yellow. I've created this "gray and magenta" document, used some cmyk
(also M and K only) and grayscale graphics inside, and put text in
"pure" magenta - surprice, the text is red! I turned on "Print view" and
saw that the text in created ps is really only magenta (turned on "Show
CMYK", when not displaying magenta - the text disappears). Then I
exported document to pdf (1.4)- the text is red and it prints red (the
images are OK, only grayscale and "magenta-scale"). I'm not even sure if
 colors in pdf are in CMYK (there could be RGB pdfs, right? don't even
know specification of the format ;), don't know how Scribus exports to
pdf), generated eps graphic is OK, only M and K. I have color management
unactivated, but I have some icc profiles installed, so I can activate it.

The color I used for the text is 0% cyan, 100% magenta, 0% yellow, 0%
black; I used in other place also color 0%,87%,0%,21% and 0%,59%,0%,0%.

My Scribus version is ( on Ubuntu 8.10.

So tell me, please, how to create CMYK pdf, that uses only colors I want
it to use, not the colors Scribus thinks I want... :P (or ps file, but
AFAIK Scribus can only exports its documents to eps graphics).

I hope my English and my questions is understandable ;).

Thank you for your answers and, I hope, not beating me for
'unprofessionalism' ;).


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