[scribus] Offset printing

Dr A Burns aburns at q-skills.com
Thu Feb 26 02:11:08 CET 2009

From: Gregory Pittman
>> 1. Does the "printer" selection for PDF documents simulate the appearance 
>> of the offset printed document ?
> The Printer choice will change the gamut of the images and convert to
> CMYK. Screen/web creates a PDF in RGB. Depending on your printer, either
> could be acceptable. Ideally, you should be using color management if
> you are using the Printer setting.

It seems that Scribus does not convert the images.  The printer had to 
convert the images to CMYK separately.  I subsequently found a free utility 
"RGB2CMYK" that does this.  It creates CMYK images that seem much lighter 
and less saturated than the originals.   Printing seems to correct this to a 
degree.   Should CMYK images be darkened and re-saturated before using in 
Scribus ?

Is there a way to preview roughly what the offset printed images are going 
to look like ?

> From: avox
> Scribus will do the conversion for you and can also simulate the outcome 
> on
> screen.

How do I simulate the outcome on screen ?

>> 2. Do I give the PDF generated with the "screen / web" setting to the
>> printer, (rather than the "printer" setting) ?
>> 3. For "solid colors" and "images" should I select the check box and
>> select my monitor profile when creating the PDF, or should I leave these
>> check boxes unchecked ?
> If you check those, Scribus will include color profiles in the PDF and the
> printer must be able to understand those. If they are not checked, Scribus
> will convert the colors to the printing profile.

My printer peferred the "printer" output with these unchecked.

> Do you know what profile was used to generate the RGB images? If unknown,
> either sRGB or Generic RGB might be best choice in File -> Document 
> Setup ->
> Color management.

No.  Most packages I use (Blender 3D in this case) don't even mention 

Thank you for your help.

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