[scribus] Making a custom color.

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Feb 25 22:27:42 CET 2009

John Culleton wrote:
> In Gimp, TeX etc. I can describe a color in CMYK terms and 
> use it as needed. I have an extensive list of colors in 
> Scribus (I use the Open Office set) but I can see no way to 
> describe and use something unique.
> Any hints? Must  I build the image background in Gimp and 
> import it?
Edit > Colors will bring up a dialog, from which you can create whatever 
you want, in cmyk or rgb, and then name it whatever you want.
Also be aware that if you bring up this dialog with no document open, 
you can choose entire color sets, or import one from another document. 
This could be useful for making a particular color set, saving it along 
with an empty document, then just using it as a tool for importing its 
color set.


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