[scribus] Several Issues - from a Novice User

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Feb 23 14:50:01 CET 2009

Richard Hall wrote:
> 1. When I am working on a multi-page document, use the status bar tool 
> to work on another page, and click on a text box; often, a rectangle 
> appears, drawn in dotted lines. When the rectangle does appear the box 
> runs off the screen and I cannot determine what the box encompasses.
I don't know what this is...see below.
> 2. Sometimes, when editing a document, I can cut text from a Microsoft 
> Word document and paste it directly into a Scribus text box. But 
> eventually, after moving text between Scribus text boxes, when cutting 
> from Word and attempting to paste to Scribus, what gets pasted is the 
> last piece of text I pasted from Scribus. It is as if there are two 
> cut and paste buffers in use.
If you want to use a word processor, it may be worth your while to get 
OpenOffice.org, writer, which works better with Scribus (since you can 
import styles from oowriter files). You can import Word documents into 
oowriter, then save in ODT format, so that Scribus can import. 
Otherwise, saving in plain text as Owen suggests is another option.
> 3. Underline Text, versus Underline Words: If the text justification 
> is ragged right, "underline word" always appears correctly on-screen. 
> But if the text is justified there is more space between the words and 
> gaps appear in the underlining.  These gaps also appear when text is 
> selected. It looks like thin, non-underlines spaces were inserted 
> between the space after a word and  the next letter. Is this a known 
> effect/bug?
see below
> 4. Edit | Undo does not appear to be able to undo text edits in text 
> boxes.
Undo does not work for text editing at this time, in any version of Scribus.
> I am using Scribus version under Windows XP , service pack 3.

It might help some of these issues to upgrade, at least to, or 
maybe even a snapshot of




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