[scribus] sizing frames

Ron Deen r.deen at hccnet.nl
Sun Feb 15 22:57:33 CET 2009

Holding down the "shift" key while you select the objects you want to group 
should do the trick. After selection is complete, right click and 
choose "Group" or Control_G

Hope this helps


Ron Deen
 On Sunday 15 February 2009 22:48:04 michael crane wrote:
> hi,
> I really like this software.
> I asked earlier about selecting frames and people said windows/outline
> Can I select multiple items in windows/outline ?
> my problem now is that I have a combination of text and image that I
> like the position of ( to themselves)
> and so I group them together. then I have another bunch of text and
> (maybe images too)
> that I like the position of and I group them together.
> I think the second bunch would look better with the first bunch if
> they were smaller.
> I can delete everything else and export as an image  and bring back in
> but can I directly resize all those things in scribus ?
> regards
> mick
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