[scribus] A status update from the Managing Director of FLES Books

Marek Laane bald at smail.ee
Sat Feb 14 21:51:14 CET 2009

Saturday, 14. February 2009 21:30:16 kirjutas Christoph Schäfer:
> Am Samstag, 14. Februar 2009 20:00:53 schrieb Murray Strome:
> > The news keeps getting more and more depressing!!!  Don't they have an
> > equivalent of the "Better Business Bureau" in the UK? Is it possible that
> > such an organization could put some pressure on the printer to get the
> > books printed and shipped?
> >
> > I don't really want a refund, as I will lose money on the exchange, so I
> > would not get back what I paid.  I am thinking of contacting my
> > MasterCard provider to see if they can just cancel the payment and give
> > me my full refund. It would appear that there might be a good case for
> > bringing criminal fraud charges against the printer if this continues.
> >
> > While I do want the book, for which I paid in December, I would like to
> > suggest that, at the very least, those who ordered it in good faith
> > during the promotion phase should be given access to the PDF file(s) so
> > that we could at least make use of the content while we are awaiting the
> > physical copy.
> >
> > The way things are going, this version of the book is likely to be
> > obsolete before we even receive it!
> >
> > Murray
> > Victoria BC
> > Canada
> Hi Murray,
> Please don't worry. We had to change the printer, but everything's going to
> be OK. We have the proofs finished, and printing will start next week. An
> even better news for you is that the printer is located in Canada, so that
> you will receive your copy really soon.
> Cheers
> Christoph

Do You have some advice for me, too? Should I request my reseller renew that 
cancelled order or order directly from FLES or something else? I'm still 
interested in book...

Marek Laane

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