[scribus] A status update from the Managing Director of FLES Books

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 14 20:00:53 CET 2009

The news keeps getting more and more depressing!!!  Don't they have an equivalent of the "Better Business Bureau" in the UK? Is it possible that such an organization could put some pressure on the printer to get the books printed and shipped? 

I don't really want a refund, as I will lose money on the exchange, so I would not get back what I paid.  I am thinking of contacting my MasterCard provider to see if they can just cancel the payment and give me my full refund. It would appear that there might be a good case for bringing criminal fraud charges against the printer if this continues.

While I do want the book, for which I paid in December, I would like to suggest that, at the very least, those who ordered it in good faith during the promotion phase should be given access to the PDF file(s) so that we could at least make use of the content while we are awaiting the physical copy.

The way things are going, this version of the book is likely to be obsolete before we even receive it!

Victoria BC

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