[scribus] line spacing

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Feb 10 08:52:32 CET 2009


> Some Scribus dialog boxes have a minimum size and cannot be made
> smaller in that dimension. They should still fit on the screen. If
> you're using a netbook, which may have a small screen size, the
> screen may be too small to display the whole box. I don't know if
> there's a solution for that. I hate to think of Vista on a netbook,
> though. ;-)

there are some dialog which for no (apparent) reason are not resizeable 
under a given measure. this happens also when using linux.

since i do own a netbook, i've planned to fix that problem one of this 
days... if possible one which has 36 hours...


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