[scribus] Embarassing newbie questions...

Alan Tutt alan at powerkeyspub.com
Tue Dec 29 16:46:45 CET 2009

Hi Henry,
When you create a new Scribus file, you can have Scribus create a number of 
pages with "automatic" text frames which are then linked from the first page 
to the last.  This will be the easiest way to get what you're looking for.
Otherwise, the reason why Scribus is more flexible than OOo Writer is because 
you can define what goes on each page, and where text should flow from one 
frame to another.  Think magazine layouts here, where an article continues to 
the middle colume on a page in the back rather than on the next page.
I don't know if Scribus has any sort of automatic Table of Contents feature.  
When I've created enough text to require one, both text and ToC are created in 
OOo and then imported into Scribus, where I then add Scribus-specific layout 
adjustments.  Any changes to the ToC are then updated manually.

If there's a way to automate this, I'd love to know about it too.

- Alan Tutt

On Tuesday 29 December 2009 10:27:35 am Henrik Larsen wrote:
> Hi, new to the list, new to Scribus. I have been watching the video
>  tutorials and reading pages of text about using this crafty tool, but some
>  things just are not adding up, and I seem to be looking in the wrong
>  places. So here I am, with questions no doubt asked hundreds of times
>  before...
> First, how do I get a simple flowing text? I mean this like text in a word
>  processor like OpenOffice Writer or MS Word: I put in a text, and it just
>  continues across the pages? Currently, I need to put a fullsize textbox
>  into every page (by hand, no less) and connect them to get a continued
>  text that takes up multiple pages. With fifty pages of text, that is not
>  very practical.
> Second, I've gone through the Table of Content tutorials, but they look
>  insanely complex to me. In both OO Writer and MS Word, a ToC is made by
>  pushing a button, and it collects the headers you have. It seems to me
>  there must be a way to simply have Scribus check where in the document a
>  certain 'header' style is used, and insert all of those automatically (and
>  I assume there is a way it automatically makes them links, too?). Also,
>  how do I do a ToC where different levels of headers have their own styles?
>  For example, Header 1 type titles are bold, Header 2 titles (subsections
>  of the 1s) are italic.
> I hope someone can answer these things. The people at the OpenOffice forums
>  tell me my expanding layout needs are better met by Scribus than by
>  Writer, so I hope to find a lot of neat and efficient ways to use it. I am
>  just tripping over newbie problems, it seems :(
> Cheers,
> Henry!

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