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On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 12:52:33 -0600
Clint Alderman <calderman at suddenlink.net> dijo:

No, the feature Jonathan is looking for is different. In WordPerfect
you can type at the left edge of the frame, then enter a "flush right"
command and the rest of the text on the line will be right justified at
the right edge of the frame. 

In Scribus (and everything else I have ever used) you accomplish this
by setting a right-aligned tab at the position of the right edge of the
frame. E.g., if your frame is, say, 400 points wide, then your right tab
will be at 400 points. When you type text it starts at the left edge of
the frame, but when you enter a tab the remaining text is right aligned
at the right edge of the frame (400 points).

While it appears that this accomplishes the same thing, it is not the
same. Suppose you have set this up (as a style if you wish) for our
hypothetical 400-point wide frame. But then you decide you want your
frame 420 points wide. After changing the width of the frame your
right-aligned text will still be at 400 points, 20 points inset from
the right edge of your frame. Now you have to go into the tab settings
and reformat the position of your tab. The WordPerfect feature does not
require this because it automatically adjusts the right position to the
right edge of the frame as soon as you change the width of the frame
(or actually, page margins, because WordPerfect is a word processor).

I was thinking that if there was a script that would get the width of
the frame and automatically adjust the right tab position to match it,
at least the adjustment could be automated to a couple mouse clicks. 

>Is this not handled through paragraph styles?
>For example:
>Set up "Body Text" which would be typical left-aligned text.
>Then set up "Body Text - Right" as a sub-style except it is
>right-aligned. So it's just a matter of applying the style to the
>desired section of text. No mater width changing of text box, it all
>adjusts automatically without tabs.
>Same concept works in any word processor.
>I like to tell people:
>/"Paragraph style are like friends.
>Take time to get to know them and they can be a big help to you as
>long as you treat them right."/
>Clint Alderman
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>On 12/17/2009 12:33 PM, John Jason Jordan wrote:
>> On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 10:32:55 -0500
>> Jonathan Kreider<jonathan.kreider at gmail.com>  dijo:
>>> I've been playing around in Scribus  I'm trying to adjust
>>> to page layout software and concepts from my experience with word
>>> processors.
>>> I would like to know how to align a portion of a single line of text
>>> to the left margin and a portion of the same line of text to the
>>> right margin, like WordPerfect's "flush right" feature.
>>> I know about right tab stops, but they lose my design intent if and
>>> when I need to adjust the width of the text frame.
>>> Is there a way to attach a right tab to the right edge of the text
>>> frame in (or any version of Scribus)?
>>> Is there another way to capture the design intent of a portion of a
>>> line of text left justified and another portion of the same line
>>> right justified?
>> It has been a long time, but I remember that feature from
>> WordPerfect. It was handy, but Scribus does not have the same
>> feature. In fact, I don't think any program other than WordPerfect
>> ever had that feature.
>> In Scribus the only option is to set a right tab at the right edge of
>> the frame. If you adjust the width of the frame you will have to
>> adjust the tab position.
>> It should be possible to write a script to automate adjusting the
>> right tab position to the width of the frame. I am not a programmer,
>> so I couldn't help. But maybe someone else can. It would be a handy
>> script to have.
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