[scribus] Large SVG File Crashing Scribus

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Dec 15 15:16:28 CET 2009

hi chris,

> The graphics are in SVG form (created by Inkscape) and Scribus is 
> being used to add the text and produce the print ready PDF.
> However, the SVG file is very large (> 2MB) and complicated (it is a 
> detailed map).
> This causes Scribus to perform extremely slowly and it normally 
> crashes within a couple of minutes of the SVG being imported. Scribus 
> is effectively unusable.

this is one of the cases, where i would really like to have way to 
include a svg in a image frame (like for the pdfs), let scribus generate 
a thumbnail (which may be inserted in the .sla or the .svg itself) and 
only converting to native elements when exporting to pdf or printing.

the final step may get slower, but -- at least -- it would be possible 
to use bigger vector files with scribus.

from the questions i get in irc, i have the feeling that this is what 
most of the people expect...

going back to the original question: this is not possible yet and the 
only thing i can think off, is to throw some RAM into your computer...


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