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If, for instance, your multipage.pdf file is in C:\temp then:

* Download pdftk-1.41.exe.zip to your computer (let's put it in C:\temp also)

* Unzip the file giving you pdftk.exe

* Open a command prompt (start -> run -> cmd)

* Change to your file directory: cd \temp

* run the command: pdftk multipage.pdf burst

You will end up with n files named pg_0001.pdf through pg_n.pdf where n is the number of pages in the source file.


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>> Casale Home wrote:
>> > Thank you for your suggestion. I am actually running Windows,
>> not Linux.
>> > But, the toolkit site says that it is compatible with Windows.
>> However,
>> > after downloading and trying to install it, I can't figure out
>> how to run
>> > the application through Windows. Do I need to go into C: prompt
>> to use it?
>> I would guess that's the way to use it in Windows. Try typing
>> pdftk into the
>> prompt and see if you get a response.
>> A Windows user may be able to tell you more, or you could hunt
>> around the
>> web for a Windows application with a GUI that does the same job; I
>> bet
>> there are a few out there.
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