[scribus] Font size differs

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Dec 7 10:40:42 CET 2009

hi lars,

>> What is your workflow? What are you comparing, screen images
>> or paper output?
> I have to set up templates for scientific posters, the originals where
> provided for CorelDraw and OO. There are a few conventions that have to be 
> fulfilled e.g. font sizes. 
> So I take the eps-export of a CorlDraw file and put it in the background of
> my scribus file then just put text boxes and background color fields where
> they have to be. No big thing.
> Any text block in the originating template is written like "Normal text
> here (black, Arial Regular, 32pt)", "Headline here, (50% black, Arial Bold,
> 40pt) and so on, so I have quite a good comparism of how font size should be
> and how Scribus' font size has to be set up to match the required size.
> I also did the same thing in Illustrator, sizes there exactly matched the
> specifications. And to be sure to exclude any Xorg-specific stuff I tried it
> with Scribus in Windows, same result: What is 32pt in other applications is
> 24.5 pt in Scribus (63.4 pt for 80 pt and so on)
> I'm using Scribus-Version in SUSE 11.2

can you upload some files (png, eps, .sla, fonts) to the bug tracker 
(http://bugs.scribus.net) to let us better see where the problem is?

you can mark the bug as private if you only want the devs to see it.


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