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Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Sat Dec 5 03:57:15 CET 2009

I use a laptop on ATI x1270 graphics and RS690 chipset.

When going from KDE 3 to KDE 4 i had to leave ATI's driver, so i lost 
power management and not only video acceleration, since the system didnt 
even reach desktop with open source drivers.
If KDE would kept 3.xx (say 3.7, 3.8) i could be able to use the same 
old driver.
I repeat, i don't know why or how, but is what happens to me, to 3 more 
friends using the same systems(2 Linux geek/gurus) and to a lot of 
people on ATI video cards and or ati chipsets as i have seen on linux 
But not every ATI video card, just a few in the middle, between the 
"new" series and x700(or so) series cards.
The "new" ones have proprietary drivers, and the older ones have fully 
working open source drivers.
It's true you dont need 3D on Scribus, but to my videocard, the open 
source driver wasn't mature enough as to provide a minimum performance, 
also some artifacts appeared on every distro.

I downloaded 3 days ago the latest Kubuntu and Fedora

TODAY i have a wonderful 3D acceleration on Ubuntu , but still can't use 
my laptop on battery, so work (with scribus in linux) on exteriors or 
far from the electrical outlet is not allowed.
TODAY i have a wonderful battery life on Fedora, but my screen gets full 
of artifacts from time to time... (minute by minute), so working on 
anything graphic  (let's say scribus) is nonsense. Console mode works 
also like ..... crap.

I repeat ONLY LINUX with KDE 4.xx.
I have a great battery performance on KDE3.xx with no graphis issues, 
and amazing 3D performance.

Off course, i also use 4GB of RAM so i need 64bits OS, and that's 
something that does'nt leave me the chance to use a too much old linux, 
because it seems 64bits kernel, drivers and packages were too unstable 
on every distro i tested, even upto Ubuntu 8.04.

Those are the reasons why i stoped using linux since past year and 
migrated Scribus and all my graphics software to Windows Seven 64bits.

Off course i can take 2GB out from my laptop and use only 2, but i also 
want to manage big documents, and several runing applications wich using 
only 2GB makes the computer go turtle step. 3GB may made the trick but i 
cant use over 2.5GB on 32bits OS. (Win or Lin)

I know i'm a hard candy, but i can't loose time by investigating 
everything, i need something that works right from being installed so i 
can start on work immediatelly.
I would prefer that KDE kept the old format and the effort to bring 4.xx 
were used to make better 64bits packages/drivers/kernel, but i have poor 
hardware management on 4.xx and poor 64bits on 3.xx

Judith Miner escribió:
> Richard <eyelagui at adinet.com.uy> wrote:
>> Is not about KDE (my mistake) is xorg who needs new driver 
>> "format?".... and KDE4 needs "that" "new" Xorg
>> I dont know what, why or where but there is "something" on "new" 
>> KDE/Xorg.
>> You can't use the same driver on KDE4 and KDE3 even if you compile 
>> them for the same kernel.
>> I dont know too much about "new" KDE/Xorg, but i do know that to use 
>> Scribus on Linux i have to keep on KDE3.5 otherwise if i go KDE4 i 
>> cant work on Scribus while unplugged because i have no battery 
>> management at all.
>> AND on KDE4 there is no chance to use the correct video driver so the 
>> performance on Scribus while too much graphics will be worst.
> I'm probably misunderstanding you, but I haven't found any xorg driver 
> problem with KDE 4.3.3. I'm a VectorLinux beta tester and currently 
> have KDE 4.3.3 running under VectorLinux 6 SOHO beta 1.6. Everything 
> seems to be working in the video realm. My video card is an ATI Radeon 
> 9200 using the open-source xorg radeon driver. This system is old (1.3 
> GHz Celeron Tualatin, 1 gig RAM) and is not the best for KDE of any 
> recent flavor, but it performs in a usable fashion.
> Scribus 1.3.5 is in the distro default installation and hopefully will 
> be updated before the final release of SOHO. It loaded speedily and 
> looks okay so far. I've never been fond of the KDE environment and I 
> use XFce on my "real" system. As a beta tester who won't be using the 
> final product, I haven't given all applications a workout, just see if 
> they start and appear to run okay. You may have encountered something 
> I haven't yet found. This computer isn't a laptop, so I can't say what 
> happens with battery management. I'd think that was more dependent on 
> the underlying distro than on KDE 4.x.
> Why would you be using the same driver as you would for KDE 3? Perhaps 
> you're doing an upgrade from KDE 3.x to KDE 4.x. Maybe that's not a 
> good idea because KDE 4.x has many changes that go deep into the 
> system. Maybe you should do a clean installation of a distro with KDE 
> 4.3.3 built in. Then you should have a video driver that works 
> properly with the system.
> --Judy M.
>   USA
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