[scribus] gray instead of black text for book interior

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Dec 4 12:21:24 CET 2009

> I've gone through the Scribus Color Management menus, and it looks like
> there is nothing with percentage adjustments. In fact, I don't see anywhere
> for a default setting for an sRGB file.

That is NOT where you should look.

First off all, are you exporting for Printer or Screen/Web?

If exporting for Printer you are exporting CMYK, so you should use
CMYK black as your black.

If exporting for Screen/Web you are exporting RGB, so you should use
RGB black as your black.

Now, go to Edit -> Colors and try to find the black color you are
using. From the icon on the left you can whether it is RGB (3 vertical
bars) or CMYK (4 small squares).

Now, in the X11 RBG color set (which I think is the default in
Scribus) the color with the name "Black" is CMYK black. The RGB black
is called Grey0.

I think this might be where you have done wrong, you are using the
Black color (which is CMYK) but exporting to Screen/web (getting an
RGB PDF so the Black has to be converted). Try using Grey0 instead.


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