[scribus] Scribus inframe handling of accented letters

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Fri Dec 4 09:45:21 CET 2009


There has been a discussion about a bug (Scribus or Qt?);
"when you type accented characters [directly into a text
frame], like à, á, â, what you get is 'a, `a, ^a, and so
on..." while entering the same into Story Editor the letters
come OK.

I've seen this in recent Ubuntu-ng packages as well in
Opensuse 11.2 (Scribus, BuildID: C-C-T-F-C1.8.8, QT:

Has there been any solution to this 'problem' ?

(It's not really a 'problem' using story editor for an
experienced Scribus user, the problem is that a friend of
mine is lobbying for use of Scribus in a technical college;
the bug is more of a 30-seconds-threshold for the ID-guys
working there).

I found some correspondance linked to this behaviour:

as a reply to

Any solutions?

Best regards

Sveinn í Felli

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Markus W. Barth said the following at 04/26/2009 10:01 PM :
> The solution to run scribus in its default language doesn't work for me.
>  Instead of answering myself (again - I have already described the
> problem in earlier occasions), I' ll just post links to comments about
> the prob - this may probably give more detailed information about the
> problem (and its extents). By the way, I had exactly the same problem
> with scribus on suse before i switched to ubuntu and I have also tried
> the scribus-ng package with 1.3.5 from the repositories, having exactly
> the same problem.

So I looked at the official Ubuntu bug report:

> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scribus/+bug/177805

It begins:

> Just install scribus, create a new project, insert a new text frame, and
> try to write into it. When you type accented characters, like à, á, â,
> what you get is 'a, `a, ^a, and so on... I cannot get it working,

That is definitely not the behaviour I see. When I follow those
instructions, I get exactly what I would expect.

and then the preceding mail:
On 04/27/2009 01:02 PM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Markus W. Barth wrote:
>> ...
> One question is how you have set up your Compose key. I
set mine up with
> KDE, in System Settings > Regional & Language. I enabled
> layouts to go to Advanced, and set the Compose key there
(left Win key
> on my keyboards).
> There are probably ways in Xmodmap to set up a Compose key
also. You
> might have to try different ways, different keys to see if
you can get
> one to work.
> Greg

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