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> Here are the Scribus Color Management dropdown menu options:
> ______________________________________
> Scribus Preferences
> ( X) Activate color management
>    System Profiles (pick one for each, first in the list is default)
>        RGB Images:    sRGB IE 61966-2.1
>        CMYK Images   US Web coated v2
>        Solid Colors      sRGB IE 61966-2.1
>        Monitor             sRGB IE 61966-2.1
>        Printer              US Web coated v2
>    Rendering Intents
>        Monitor             Relative Colorimetric
>        Printer              Relative Colorimetric
> ( X ) Simulate printer on the screen
> ( X ) use Blackpoint Compensation
> _____________________________
try these settings.  this should give you a reasonable proof on a home
printer.  set your pdf to web/screen mode when you print.  the next thing i
would ask your printer for is a copy of his cmyk color profile and copy it
to your icc profiles folder.  then you should be able to safely set your pdf
to printer mode and have the correct profile.

i have found that printers can handle a srgb file and give you a final
product that is close to a home printer proof.

i'm sure you will get much feedback and many suggestions.  i always talk
with the printer and ask what color profiles they use.  sometimes printers
don't care what profiles you use, because they convert your file to their
profiles.  by talking with your printer and getting as much info as you can
about their process, you can give them a file they can work with and give
you pleasing results.

my two cents.


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safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."  Benjamin Franklin
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