[scribus] Linux Distro 4 Scribus + 1.7GHz Celeron 256MB RAM

William F. Maddock billsey at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 30 21:35:13 CEST 2009


The biggest hit to your performance is going to be the wait while the system accesses the swap file so much (which could also shorten the life of the hard drive, by the way) because of having so little RAM. Get your hands on as much RAM as you can, and drop that RAM in the machine. You will be STUNNED by the increase in performance (and your hard drive will last longer, to boot).

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>Hi list users,
>I have a system with 1.7GHz Celeron processor and 256MB RAM. Most
>current distros are too heavy. Can you recommend any distro that is
>light and fast and that can be used to run Scribus, Gimp, Inkscape,
>Blender, etc? I have been browsing for a light Linux distro and
>http://www.elivecd.org/ seems fast and light enough to me. But I know
>Scribus' requirement of QT. I would be thankful if you could suggest
>such a distribution to me (and possibly others?) on this list.
>My main requirements are Scribus, Gimp, Inkscape, C/C++ development,
>Internet browsing, emailing, downloading, etc. I am not very keen on
>watching movies and listening to audio/music/songs. So my requirements
>are really simple.
>Best regards,
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