[scribus] FontMatrix here we go again

StevenD daytonmeister at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 20:57:09 CEST 2009

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> People frequently bring up things here that are ancillary to Scribus.
> Besides, Fontmatrix has virtually no documentation. 
It looks like there is a bit more documentation in the 0.6.99 version in 
the help (that is what I meant when I said 6.0 version. oops).
> I installed it on my Jaunty x8_64 computer just by using System >
> Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. However, I note that it is
> version 0.4.2-2. And there seems to be a bug - I cannot deactivate a
> font. Clicking on the check box does nothing.
That is what I did and got the same version. I also tried to get 
it through the Add/Remove menu item and got the same result. That was 
where I first got it from. I also had the same results in not being able 
to deactivate fonts because clicking on the check box does nothing. :-(
> I am not very skilled at installing from source.
I'm not either. At least not yet I hope. However I did finally get it. I 
just went for broke and somehow got the darn thing installed following 
the instructions the best I could.

I just followed the direction in the text file that came with the 
package that I downloaded to my system and a copy can be found here.


I went through the whole thing but couldn't see anything that indicated 
that it was installed. Or at least I assumed it did. I don't know what 
was going on during the process so I just waited till the prompt appear 
before keying or pasting in the next line. So then I tried typing in 
fontmatrix in the Terminal and low and behold it started up. It looked 
like it was going to be running from the terminal so I quit the Terminal 
and that shut down FontMatrix. I clicked on the Applications menu and 
couldn't see it listed anywhere. I right clicked on the Applications 
menu and chose Edit Menus and saw that FontMatrix was listed in the 
Graphics sub menu even though it wasn't actually appearing. I ended up 
doing a Restart and now it shows. I just need to figure out how it all 
works now. I did get some fonts tagged. I must say it isn't very 
"intuitive" (lots of people like to through that term around for 
everything these days it seems). But at least I got some fonts deactivated.

Incidentally I found another font program called Fonty Python but that 
one wasn't much use when I tried it out.

Anyway SUCCESS for a change.


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