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D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 21:29:10 CEST 2009

Bo Engborg said the following at 08/20/2009 12:30 PM :

> I installed the texlive-base-bin and ran the getnonfreefonts -a  command, it
> looked like it was working, but I didnt get the new fonts in the list of
> fonts in Scribus. Then I found them in a catalog and drag them into
> Fontmatrix, and now they appeared. Dont know if this was the best way to do
> it, but now it works.
> Thanks a lot for the help!

As long as it worked, that's the important thing :-) There are usually
multiple ways to get to the desired result, so I'm glad you found one.

(Probably that extra step with fontmatrix was necessary because Scribus
apparently doesn't look in the user's tex hierarchy for fonts; I guess I've
never noticed that, probably because I've never used one of these fonts
with Scribus, only with TeX.

Maybe that's a possible feature request for Scribus, although I'm sure the
developers have much more fundamental things to be working on.)


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