[scribus] Appying character styles to words?

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Aug 17 18:32:22 CEST 2009

> that you may have to handle (or better avoid) recursive definition.

That could be solved by letting the character style of a paragraph
style be also a character style.

Imagine I create the pagraph style "Foobar", then I can reach the
character part as a character style named for example "Foobar-char".

> i really think that the good workflow would to create the char style
> first and use it afterwards in the paragraph style.

Yes, but people will have a lot of documents created in they
want to be able to move to 1.3.5+.

> out of it, i think that a properties cloning tool would be the best way
> to go.

Well, it is possible to duplicate a style. But it is not possible to
dupliacate the character properties of a paragraph style into a
character style.

>> Imagine you have a "body text" paragraph style. The you maybe want
>> "body text bold" and "body text italic" cahracter styles for that. It
>> doesn't make sense so make a "body text" character style first, then
>> let the paragraph style and the two other character styles inherit
>> from it. Because the "body text" character style would never be used
>> in the document (because the "body text" paragraph style is used in
>> those places).

> imho, you shouldn't have body text italic and body text bold. if the
> whole paragraph is in italic, you should give a meaningfull name like
> "definition".

Those are not paragraph styles, those are character styles intended to
be applied to parts of the paragraph. Like hitting the "Bold" or
"Italic" key in a word processor. I could set the shortcut for "body
text bold" to Ctrl-B and the shortcut for "body text italic" to Ctrl-I
and be able to apply them just as when working in a word processor.

> (i guess you know why: what happens if you now decide that you want all
> definitions in dark gray instead of italics?)

Well, that's a completely different thing. I used these just as an
example. In real use I would probably name them BodyTextHighl and


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