[scribus] Automatically page layout, is this possible?

Peter Magsam magsam at ka-und-we.de
Mon Aug 17 14:10:44 CEST 2009

Hello Community,


We developed an open source web based application - osRetail - with netbeans
(java) for retailers. All functions a retailer needs osRetail contains. More
Information in German see in the homepage www.ka-und-we.de
<http://www.ka-und-we.de/> . All retailers of course need a desktop
publishing application. 


We want - if it is possible - integrate our application osRetail with
scribus and gimp. Gimp is no problem. In osRetail we administrate all
information which scribus needs. We have an own photo database. In osRetail
the users "design" the pages of a catalogue. These data's needs scribus for
the layout. 


We can build xml files with all in formations for scribus - text, logo,
prices, photos, template, size, page, ., 


Is there a possibility to import the xml files and build automatically a
double page? After this the designer makes the precision work. So we have
solution without a media break.


I am no expert for scribes at all. But I know what Designer for catalogues
need to build it efficient.


The existing tools for databased publishing are really expensive. You know
it. With our solution - if integration to scribus is possible - everybody
can use this service. Scribus gets more known. With the integration the
tools gets really strong. 


Maybe an expert for scribus can support the open source web/data based
desktop publishing. 










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