[scribus] Appying character styles to words?

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Aug 17 12:56:01 CEST 2009

> F2 shows and hides the PP. and if everything goes well, in the (near?)
> future, there will be some big changes to the PP which will solve your
> current problem!

Yes but the properties palette is still "the wrong tool" for this task
IMO. When editing text in a text frame the tool to apply different
styles should be more easily accessible.

I don't know why keyboard shortcuts don't work... Tried both in the
story editor and editing text frame and no success.

> yep, i don't think that 1.3.5 is ready for prouctive work. but it would
> be nice if you could make a report of the reasons why you think you
> can't use it for your work!

It's not that it can not be used, it is that it makes things to time
consuming. I'm a little spoiled by using MS Office where I can easily
create sutable shortcuts, apply different styles or direct formatting
using combo boxes, easily apply formatting using keyboard etc.

> i guess that the best solution would be an item "new character style
> from selection" (i wonder how the label could be shortened...) for the
> context menu in the edit styles list...
> if you agree, could you post a feature request in the bug tracker?

I think it would be better to be able to let a character style inherit
from the character part of a paragraph style.

Imagine you have a "body text" paragraph style. The you maybe want
"body text bold" and "body text italic" cahracter styles for that. It
doesn't make sense so make a "body text" character style first, then
let the paragraph style and the two other character styles inherit
from it. Because the "body text" character style would never be used
in the document (because the "body text" paragraph style is used in
those places).


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