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> > The book "Type & Layout" by Colin Wheidon & Geoffrey Heard comse down on
> > the side of serif fonts for all uses in terms of comprehension.


> How did they measure it? Are there studies with sustainable results?


** This is AMHO more a result of "old sclool" traditions. In addition, with some sans 
serif fonts, the difference between I (i Uppercase) and l (lowercase) can't be do. 
Some sans serif used a i (upercase) with serif in order to rule the problem... 


It is the Romans which are supposed to have invented the readability and 
legibility, by comparing the form of glyhs with greek ones, (and a period
centered between each word as space)


Modern sans serif fonts classified as antiqua, take their source in the
greek glyphs forms.
Sans serif are more easy to work in order to offer impressive
weights list (condensed extended, heavy ultra condensed etc.), so
they can offer more "design" choices.


"Design" choices ? What and where is the measurement?


In French reviews (taken for reference like figaro mag,
liberation, a press-people rewiew, and so more) for my
students, I make them look on the way fonts are used.
Where are Serif, sans serif, decoratives, handwriting fonts?
Where we find the Bodoni ?
Where we find the Optima ?
Where we find Garamond ?
Where we find gothic fonts ?
What are the fonts used for edito ? subhead ? the weight
and width etc. etc.


In general:
Since 400 years, Garamond is used for traditional literature or novel.
The "times" typeface is studied for newspaper reading like "le
Monde" typeface.
Helvetica  (or like) for publicity, or display in general or "people" reviews.
The bodoni marks a shape of elegance, we often find him it in 
advertisements for perfumes by example. 
The futura is a symbol of modernity and intellectual opening.
The baskerville is as for it a representation of the perfection and labour


"Serifs create a bigger irregularity in characters which helps to distinguish 
them from one another and are, therefore, more legible.
Readers, however, do not read individual characters, but rather 
fixate on words or portions of words when they read."


Readability and legibility are the major part of the fonts usage in
general. But, that the choice concerns to such sans serif for titles, and such 
serif for text (or opposite depending the goal of the document), behind this 
last one always hides a message other one than that the words. 
The message is what the man wanted to transmite by inventing the writing... 
And not only words.




PS: sorry for my lake in english.

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